Summary of Philanthropist and Businessman Quentin Flannery

Quentin Flannery believes copper is the new oil despite its decline in recent history. However, copper has risen in popularity from the push to use renewable clean energy. Flannery believes the price of the material will go up and is set for a major comeback. Goldman Sachs believes in the same sentiment. Quentin Flannery has worked for quite some time in the Australian coal sector and helped companies increase their stocks with billions of generated revenue. 


He was one of the main people responsible for Yancoal Australia Limited becoming the largest coal producer. Fast forward to the present, and Quentin is a director of several companies, in which he does trading and oversees business operations. One of the companies he is a director for is Elysian Capital, a hedge fund centered around weather commodity trading. Although Quentin Flannery is already involved in the management of the foundation’s financial portfolio and the distribution of funds to each of the organizations, he also takes an active role with a few of the non-profit activities. 

The individual also works as an astute businessman, being on the board of multiple start-ups and brands. Quentin Flannery attended the Queensland University of Technology and has a bachelor’s from the school in international studies. The individual also runs his own foundation designed to give back to many charities in Australia. One in particular that Quentin Flannery loves is, Act for Kids, where he is a corporate ambassador. According to Quentin Flannery, Act for Kids is a charitable organization working with local communities for more than 30 years. Their purpose is to help children from child abuse and neglect by giving them needed therapy and support.