Randal Nardone is a self-made billionaire

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in the world of business. He is credited with starting Fortress Investment Group with his friends in 1998. He is a unique financial executive because he has worked in the legal sector and also in the financial industry for more than twenty years. While working in the legal industry, he discovered that he was interested in the financial sector. Randal Nardone knew he would use his skills in the legal and financial sectors and start a unique company that would outshine others. While working as a financial executive he had made friends who were also knowledgeable executives, and he met them because he knew when they work together, it would be easy to succeed. They are also experienced and have worked in the field of finance for many years.

Randal Nardone met with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman, and they decided to start an organization that would specialize in asset management and investment. That is how Fortress Investment Group started, and it has been successful after helping many investors in making profits. Nardone has been one of the main leaders who have contributed to the growth of the company. Today it has covered the entire world, and it is helping more than one thousand clients in their investment endeavors. The expansion of the company is due to several reasons. For example, the great leadership at the firm has enabled them to offer excellent services. Those who have been impressed with the services they get refer other customers. The referral method has been working, and today the company is offering services across the world.

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur who has earned reputation and built an excellent portfolio. He is also a learned executive who went to the University of Connecticut where he studied his degree in English and Biology. Randal Nardone later went to study Law before he launched his career. He landed his first job in New York where he worked in the legal sector for a few years before he was attracted to the financial world. He has been working in the financial industry since then, and he has found success after changing his career and more