Robert Bull, Founder of RoyaleLife-UK’s Largest Real Estate Firm

RoyaleLife is a firm that has brought significant improvements to the life of many, especially the elderly. The firm is the UK’s largest real estate firm, mainly serving the elderly of 45 years of age and above.

Robert is the co-founder of this firm to better the lives of the elderly and the retired group in the UK. As the company’s executive officer, Robert Bull was responsible for overseeing the firm’s operations and strengthening the firm’s activities. He also brought in new experts with skills and expertise in matters of business development.

Robert Bull, RoyaleLife’s chief executive officer, hired Tim Simmons to be the firm’s director in business development. Simmons has over 30 years of expertise in matters of real estate. He helped the company in negotiating over the area of Weymouth. He has also served as Humbert’s executive officer. Reports prove that Tim is a leader with a positive reputation with the ability to make a sound judgment that will enable the company to deliver to the fullest.

Robert acknowledges Bob’s contribution towards the success of his company. Robert Bull also terms that the firm has managed to grow because of teamwork and partnership. The company’s management Director Simmons explains that we need to learn how to handle our customers. It is integral if we need to maximize operations within our company.

Robert Bull terms his customers as “ambassadors” who are a reason behind the firm’s success and prosperity. Since being established in 1945, RoyaleLife company has thrived to greater heights. The firm furnishes bungalows for its clients, giving them a humble time to relocate to the new houses. The houses are well built and come with impeccable amenities like a gymnasium, swimming pools, ample parking space, and coffee areas. The aim of this company by Robert Bull is to ensure individuals who have retired and those about to retire live a healthy and good life. Refer to this page for additional information