Jason Hope: The Evolution of Technology

Jason Hope, a successful internet entrepreneur, has created a name for himself by focusing on the major role that the internet plays in our daily lives. Graduating from W.P. Carey School of Business, he was able to articulate his business predictions and thought process regarding technology and its future breakthroughs. Not only did Hope predict that many homes would not only function with technology, but the shared concept for businesses, thus creating a shared connection between personal or home, and business life. 


Jason Hope


In addition to aiding in business and personal life, Jason Hope believes that the continued evolution of technology will ultimately result in the assistance of finding aid within the healthcare or medical field. Through research and time, he believes that the longevity of technology will present answers for health related issues that have yet to be solved. Due to Jason Hope’s interest in health related issues, he offers his full support to the SENS Research Foundation, an organization focused on curing diseases and illnesses related to aging. 

According to activist investor and futurist Jason Hope, with the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies, the SENS Research Foundation has the ability to focus on the causes and possible cures for diseases that are introduced due to the aging process. Jason Hope is an individual that believes technology and its evolution is the answer to problems related not only in personal settings, but also in business, and health related settings as well. Hope continues to work with the SENS Research Foundation, creating ways for people to live a longer, happier, and healthier life.