PosiGen Helps Homeowners Know if Solar is the Right Way To Go

Perhaps you’re a homeowner or a business owner who is intrigued by the idea of the installation of some solar panels on your roof with the prospect of knocking off fifty to a hundred bucks a month from your electricity bill (Bizneworleans).


But is solar energy right for your home?


Solar engineers with PosiGen, a leading home solar energy company based in Louisiana, have ways to help individual homeowners clarify this question. For example, homes located in heavily wooded areas with low electrical demand may not be good candidates for a solar power system. On the other hand, homes that are exposed to long hours of direct sunlight every day can leverage all that light to generate significant amounts of free electricity. PosiGen technicians make a determination for each home based on a variety of factors. 


The first is the home’s historical energy usage. This estimate derives from an array of relevant factors. That includes the layout and average sunlight exposure to a rooftop over a period of one year. Based on these numbers, the solar power company can produce a highly accurate readout of how much each home can save by installing solar panels. The policy of PosiGen is that any system it sells to a homeowner must be able to save the ratepayer money. If the historical energy usage shows that solar is not a good fit, they won’t sell a unit to that homeowner with a transparency guarantee. 


On the other hand, if everything looks good, PosiGen solar power company has a unique program that makes getting into solar easy with a long-term lease agreement. A lease can be obtained without the need for a credit check or proof of income statement. Many people ask PosiGen about leasing vs buying. Which option is better? There is no pat answer because every situation is different. Sometimes a lease can bring better value while others will fare better by purchasing their equipment. One drawback of purchasing is that you need a chunk of cash upfront to pay for the whole system. However, leasing a system requires no upfront payment. Leasing a PosiGen solar system lets you start saving money on your electric bill before you pay anything.