Jake Medwell take on president Biden regime in infrustructure

Jake Medwell is the founding partner in the famous 8VC, and he recently took on an interview with the FreightWaves and Skyline Policy Risk Group president Loren A. Smith. The discussion aimed at getting a professional expert view on the potential impact of trucking, particularly on the Biden presidency.

The interview began with FreightWaves seeking Jake Medwell’s indulgence on president Biden and congress’s resolve to continue with the big infrastructural projects around the country and the tax plan that will shape this regime. The panellist was quick to note that the situation in Washington is relatively fluid, and the economy is running through a difficult phase. Jake pointed out that the country is experiencing an increasing inflation rate, with April recording a rise of about 0.8 per cent, signalling the most considerable inflation in over a decade. Jake Medwell is quite optimistic about what holds in the future. He predicts that the government will get involved in potentially significant spending estimated between $1 trillion and $2 trillion in bills. In terms of taxes, the duo was quite optimistic that the Biden administration will not hike taxes, particularly to smaller groups.

Jake Medwell expects president Biden to spend handsomely on what he calls human infrastructure. At the centre of the Democrats and Joe Biden, the human infrastructure was reiterated the same in his first congress address. Infrastructure touching on healthcare, education, and social programs will play a key role in president Biden’s administration. It’s pretty uncertain how much the government will allocate to the construction and rehabilitation of existing roads.

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