Haroldo Jacobovicz Seeks to Sort the Inventory and Cash Quagmire in Small Scale Businesses 

Haroldo Jacobovicz is one of the renowned entrepreneurs in Brazil and across the globe. In his early days, he had a dream of becoming one of the most prominent businessmen. Haroldo Jacobovicz would join the university to study civil engineering because his mother had a thriving and coveted career in the field. At the university, he was convinced that his love and passion for information technology were unstoppable. He was hopeful that with his commendable entrepreneurial skills in conjunction with information technology, he would establish an empire in the technological industry.


At the university, Haroldo Jacobovicz joined his three friends and established a company that was aimed at sorting the technology quagmire in small businesses, Microsystem. Their first task was to automate cash and inventory management in small-scale businesses. They did intense research and they were confident that the market was viable. However, their well-thought idea would flop significantly. This is because the large-scale sectors were more interested in purchasing the product more than the small-scale businesses. On the other hand, some reputable technology companies copied the idea that massively benefited the industry. Exxon Mobil was the first company to copy the idea. The management even sought to appoint Jacobovicz to join the reputable company.

Haroldo Jacobovicz was hardworking and had a commendable entrepreneurial background, he would significantly rise through the ranks to become a marketing analyst. Since he knew he was gifted as an entrepreneur, he would leave his coveted job at Exxon Mobil to start his own company, e-Governe and Horizons Telecom. This was the start of a blossoming and thriving career in the technology world. It has been established that he is one of the prominent and reputable entrepreneurs in the technology industry. For over three decades he continues to thrive and innovate the IT business.