How Alejandro Betancourt Made Hawkers a Leading Fashion Company in the World

Since Hawkers opened its doors, the management has always endeavored to supply its customers with good quality and classy sunglasses. That has helped them find markets in different parts of the world, making more sales and profits. Like most businesses, the company suffered losses because the demand was higher than the supply. That is when the firm’s management appointed Alejandro Betancourt Lopez as its head.

He used the opportunity as its president to transform all its operations to be among the best fashion houses globally. He incorporated new strategies in the company, such as bringing in investors who added 56 million dollars for the firm’s growth. The idea helped Hawkers to flourish in Spain.

Later, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez launched more outlets in Europe, the United States, and Asia. In 2018, he invested more than 20 million dollars in the firm, making him the majority shareholder. Due to Mr. Lopez’s great leadership traits, he encouraged his junior never to give up regardless of what life handed them. Hawkers has had tremendous growth, thanks to Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. It employs more than 200 people in its over fifty branches globally.

The company attributes most of its success to advertising and selling through Facebook. The platform has helped the firm to make millions of sales since it started using it. The fashion company is among the top on Facebook because it has millions of followers and successful advertising and sales. The online selling strategy helps the company make most of its sales since it can sell the sunglasses at lower prices than similar ones produced by other firms.

Although the firm has more than 50 outlets in different parts globally, more than 90% of its sales are done through the internet. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also introduced the idea of selecting college students to work as the firm’s brand ambassadors. The learners market the sunglasses to their schoolmates, a strategy that helps in boosting sales. The firm also recruits celebrities to market its products through social media platforms since they have many followers to know more click here