The Life Of Larry Baer

Larry Baer, the SF Giants CEO is on top of the world now but he had to work hard to get to the role he is in at the moment. So what is his secret? Well, at the end of the day, he thinks it boils down to nothing more than perseverance. He was born & raised in the bay area where he was quick to rise to the top of his HS class. By the time he had turned 18, he had many of the ivies breathing down his neck & though he was tempted to live the Harvard life, he opted to stay a bit closer to home in the end.

So Larry Baer started as a freshman at UC Berkeley in the mid 80’s & did his best to get into one of the honor societies on campus. Once he did this, he went on to get some sports experience so he could get a job in that field one day. He ran the campus radio station, KALX, until it was time for him to graduate & he opted to make PS his major. By the time he got out of college, he had an offer to be the marketing director for the giants. It had always been a dream of his to work there so naturally he took it. He was there for about 5 years until he took a brief break to go on to grad school & this is when he became an ivy league man. After earning his MBA in the spring of 95, he returned to the giants where he was able to design the new park. He later became the president after many years of dedication to them & when the CEO retired in 2012, he took his role as well. He hopes to keep succeeding henceforth.

He is also the Chairman of the Giants Development Services, which is now the emerging Mission Rock platform for an urban neighborhood situated on a 25-acre site athwart the McCovey Cove after the AT&T Park. In 1980, he earned the Phi Beta Kappa credit from California University.

The Giants CEO boasts of Leadership Awards for Civic Leadership (1996), the Torch of Liberty (2001), Excellence in Achievement (2014) award. The SF Giants CEO is an active member in various strategic committees including the NBC sports bay.


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