Citizen App Your Number One Safety App

Every year in the US, more people die from lightning strikes than any other weather-related cause. These storms can also cause fires, flooding, and structural damage to buildings and homes.

Citizen announced that it has partnered with the National Weather Service (NWS) to deliver severe weather alerts to Citizen users in real-time. Citizen App users can now receive alerts for incoming storms that could cause property damage and other dangerous conditions. Citizen is the only app that will provide alerts from NOAA radar and Citizen users.

Notification services can be a great way to find out about emergencies. Imagine getting instant notification an hour before a natural disaster occurs. That is exactly what our app can do for you, with very few limitations.

Citizen App alerts are specifically designed to let users know the exact condition of their environment. Notification will only be sent to users who could reasonably be affected by the incident. To prevent unnecessary panic on people who might not need to be directly affected by the havoc.

It is built to improve user interaction and streamline how users interact with their local community during a weather emergency. For instance, in the case of New York-New Jersey, during the height of Hurricane Ida, our systems issued crowd-sourced reports of a power outage and call for emergency services.

As per our systems, users rely on our app for real-time updates. We also got feedback that showed the impact the app had on the life of people.

In the world of user interaction, there’s nothing more crucial than real-time updates. With Citizen App, users have shown that they won’t settle for anything less than instant responses. The last thing we want is for a user to face a loading wheel while trying to view their local flooding information.

This application will be a great benefit to many people around the world. Not only will individuals in danger benefit, but governments and communities as well. Citizen App is unique for so many reasons.

The fact that it can identify true video users, the ability to verify these individuals are at the scene of an emergency, and its integration with social media and other emergency communication channels. Citizen App is an innovative application aimed to make the world safer through software and technology. Click here to learn more.


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