Vik Bansal Illustrating the Essence of the Manufacturing Industry

The coronavirus pandemic wounded nearly every sector, not sparing the global supply chain niche. Indeed, the supply-chain disruptions stemming from the hit of the pandemic are significant and widespread. The scarcity of raw material and COVID-related labor shortages has significantly impacted the supply chain scope. The unprecedented impact has further reverberated down to distribution and warehouse centers. As businesses strive to resume normalcy across the globe, it’s evident that the aftermaths of a degenerated domestic manufacturing sector are still being felt. Of course, a good number of activities lost momentum as the ongoing pandemic disrupted supply chains.

Vik Bansal CEO maintains that there is a viable opportunity to bounce back to business with a leading proposition despite the hit of the pandemic. Currently working as the CEO of InfraBuild, Vik Bansal has played a crucial role in the waste management and supply chain industries. His professional endeavor with InfraBuild saw him work pretty hard to revamp the business. He believes that Australia’s manufacturing sector should consider constructing a recycling infrastructure fundamental in fostering a circular economy. The business leader believes in the potentiality of hard work. He holds that hard work is integral in propelling Australia’s manufacturing sector to scale in strength, generating a path to self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability.

About the Cleanaway CEO

Vik Bansal whoops a well-curated professional journey with various behemoth industries. The individual who joined Cleanaway in 2015 navigated his professional path as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his professional journey, Vik Bansal has led various executive roles across Australia and Asia. The business leader has also garnered a stellar reputation in leading industrial organizations to success and significant transition. Of course, he has worked with various top-most companies, including Valmont Industries Inc. and Global Engineered Infrastructure Products. Vik also flaunts building a career with One Steel Limited.

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