Jessica Dean—Professional Overview as an Attorney at Dean Omar Branham Shirley

Jessica Dean is one of the attorneys at the law firm of Dean Omar Branham Shirley. Her specialty as an attorney is personal injury and employment cases. Jessica has been in the judicial system for almost 20 years representing clients in need of legal advice and representation in Texas and beyond. At DOBS, Jessica Dean is a legal expert representing employees who face different forms of employment malpractice. 

Protecting Your Rights as an Employee

When you face any form of harassment from your employer, or your job is exposing you to any dangers, you should seek help from an employment and personal injury attorney. Dean Omar is an experienced attorney providing the best legal representation and advice to an employee who faces any form of harassment. She listens carefully to every person’s needs and delivers solutions that go above her client’s expectations. 

Don’t Keep Quiet When You Face Any Form of Harassment 

There are so many workers suffering in silence. But you don’t have to be one of them when you face any form of harassment at your place of work. She and the team at DOBS work to ensure the responsible party meets legal consequences when your employment rights are ignored or violated. Jessica ensures that all her clients get a fair representation, which yields results that best suit their situation. If your employer mistreats you, seek help from Dean Omar and the team at DOBS to get the best legal representation you deserve. You can call the law firm of DOBS to inquire about anything you wish about the partners.