Alex Pissios Targets Assisting Community

Alex Pissios is quite passionate about reducing barriers between children and teen care and access to medical care. Alex Pissios is the current Chief Executive officer, CEO, and president of the board of directors of the Cinespace film Studios, one of the largest film producing companies outside Hollywood.

Cinespace Film Studios, through the support of its president and chief executive officer, Mr Alex Pissios, is at the forefront in assisting in the delivery of medical and health care services to children and teens in Chicago underserved areas and communities. Their targets get mainly centred around those in the communities with challenges in accessing these medical services and care. Alex Pissios, through Cinespace Film Studios, is bridging the gap between communities and medical facilities without those affecting going physically to those facilities. Cinespace Film Studios and, by extension, Alex Pissios get committed to ensuring the services reach those affected.

Another partner working towards realising such medical care in underprivileged areas is the University of Chicago through the Comer Children’s Hospital. This institution gets also committed to assisting teens and children through their pediatric unit access quality medical care. The Hospital has made strides by acquiring a 38-foot bus that converted to a doctor’s office on the wheel. The bus has been specially equipped with all the necessary medical equipment with two medical exam rooms. The bus made frequent trips to over 30 schools around Chicago, offering medical services to teens and children’s. They also support community centres around Chicago’s south and west, underserved communities.