The History of Gordonstoun and a Prestigious Award

Gordonstoun is known as one of the top co-educational schools in Scotland.

The school is on a beautiful 200-acre estate in the middle of woodlands.

Each student is required to provide regular services to their local communities while taking on programs every day of the week.

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This prestigious school was founded by Dr. Kurt Hahn.

He was raised in Germany, receiving much of his knowledge from German universities.

He would later go on to study at the University of Oxford before shaping a new kind of education.

Partnering up with Prince Max of Baden, he opened Salem School in Germany.

After World War I, Hahn spoke openly about his concerns about the Nazi Party.

He soon learned that he would not be safe anymore in Germany, resulting in him fleeing to Scotland.

He still wanted to work in education, making him open the British Salem School of Gordonstoun.

Founded in 1934, this school was named after the area it was constructed on.

Prince Philip was known as one of the first students at the British Salem School of Gordonstoun.

He earned his Moray Badge during his time there, a badge created by Hahn.

Students had to complete various exercises, projects, and services to show themselves as a stunning example of modern youth to earn the badge.

In 1954, Hahn contacted Prince Philip about a greater award program they could build together.

Both men worked to create the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Partnership up with schools around the United Kingdom and the British Army, this national award gave teens a program to help guide themselves towards a better future.

As of today, the program allows those twelve years and up and girls to join.

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