Entrepreneurial Philanthropy with Phillip Belamant

Entrepreneurship and philanthropy are 2 of the worlds most dominant forces. Unfortunately it is rare for these worlds to collide in a way that compliment each other. One such man has found a way to combine the 2. Philip Belamant is a software developer who hails from South Africa. The young up-start began his roots in technological development while enrolled in the Information Technology program at University of Johannesburg. by the time he graduated in 2006 he was well versed in solutions that would grow his first venture PBel. The main charter of PBel was to generate a funnel of mobile based social games. Philip Belamant received positive feedback from his customer base and rising interest in the ease of use that PBel’s mobile payment technology had brought.

Recognizing the interest from the market he took the opportunity to pivot. Now PBel supplies the services via their app to allow customer the ability to offer prizes and additional credit directly to their clients. In time this would generate over $100 million in sales. Future expansion took place in Wider South Africa in more that 27 countries.

Philip Belamant was able to use this success as a launch pad for offering virtual cards supported by the IFC World Food Programme and other partners such as Mastercard World Food Programme. This reach allowed Philip Belamant the ability to directly impact impoverished families with a food source via the app technology that he first used to grow his first venture. Just like that Philip Belamant reached entrepreneurial philanthropic royalty. He is a hero to all of those families and a successful business man all in one package.

Original source to learn more: https://medium.com/@philipbelamant