Beating winter blahs with Activation Blizzard games

Activision Blizzard has set the 2022 winter season as one of the best for game lovers. Many games are expected to be released; these include Call of Duty and the latest first-person shooter game. The wide variety of new games is an assurance of a large gaming backlog. Hence, the free time will be spent appropriately trying to Juggle between the latest and the existing games like God of war and Erik Kain, as reported by a gaming and entertainment writer. The following are the new and best games that will entertain gamers during the 2022 winter.

Modern Warfare 2

Modern warfare 2 is expected to be available during the winter season. A tweet by a Call of Duty insider, Tom Henderson, highlighted that modern warfare 2 will be a continuation of modern warfare 2019, and the first-person shooter will be available on personal computers and play stations. Furthermore, Activision Blizzard is being acquired by Microsoft. This means there is a possibility of Modern Warfare being included in the hardware of PlayStations very soon.

Dying Light 2

This survival horror video game was first published in 2015 by Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment. the latest version of Dying Light 2 game, will be available for the 2022 winter season. The 2015 version was a first-person parkour shooter with zombies that became scarier at night.

Shadows Die Twice

The first version of this game was published in 2019. Fandomspot ranked it the best Activation video game. It involves a brutal age in 16th-century japan where one has to take down enemies or else will die. Hence, the game will be entertaining for months.


Activision Blizzard made this game-specific for Xbox Series X and Xbox One. This will be a rare case because it will not be available on personal computers and PlayStation.

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