Gary McGaghey Profile

Gary McGaghey is well known for his ability to increase value for every company he has worked with. He has served as Chief Financial officer for over two decades. Therefore companies can trust his expertise as a private equity associate to restructure businesses and financial/balance sheets and leverage strategic investments to drive growth for any private equity firm.

Gary McGaghey holds a postgraduate degree from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Natal. Early in his career, he worked with Robertson foods, Baker street snacks, and Robertson Homecare as Chief operating officer, Vice president of logistics, CFO, and Executive board member of the companies.

Gary McGaghey later joined Unilever, where he worked as the COO, CFO, and the Vice president of finance at Global business services. Under his leadership, the company’s financial growth grew significantly. He oversaw the 2 billion euros division and the creation of a new global services brand, which implemented IT capabilities.

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After leaving Uniliver in 2017, he joined the Nelsons group as its CFO, statutory director, and chief secretary. In 2019, Gare McGaghey joined William Lea Tag, where he works up to date as Group CFO. His main priority is to oversee the company’s overall transformation.

Although Working in the Private equity as a private equity analyst has more challenges than investment banking, Gary believes that the private equity market will experience tremendous achievements in the next decades. Therefore it is a great opportunity that investors should take advantage of.

Gary advises that private equity companies should maximize benefits by taking advantage of low-cost digital technologies. He believes that CFO,s should coach employees from various departments to help them understand the company’s financial position, thus enabling them to create effective working systems. CFO,s should also understand data analytics deeply and make the most of value-creation opportunities.