German Businessman Alfons Hörmann

Alfons Hörmann is a German sports official and businessman, and his business career has taken him on an impressive journey. He was previously, from 20″05 to 2013, the President of the German Ski Association, but now Alfons Hormann is the President of Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund. This all began in the 1970s when he started his career in building material fabrication and simply continued to move forward. Alfons Hormann officially stepped into the world of “sports officialdom” when he joined the Council of the International Ski Federation in 2010.

Somewhat recently he expressed his thoughts on the future of German Sports. It was very interesting as he pointed out many thought provoking points. He described school sports as being in a state of shock. He was more or less saying that the shocking state of school sports to include swimming were victims of bureaucracy which slows down everything in regards to sports. Hormann forewarned everyone by making a prediction towards the below standard performance in the Tokyo summer games which played into the winter edition of the Olympic team in China. Hormann strongly feels that the success of German sports will be gained only when there is no interference from the state and officials. It may be amazing to know that a number of colleagues that have a hand in German sports policy in various professional associations and in the state sports federation agree with Hormann.

Behind the scenes a variety of groups and associations have been fighting constructively for sometime now for the future of German sport. And, there are many candidates who have expressed some interest in giving their expertise in an effort to take over Hormann’s legacy. However, Hormann is taking his farewell tour throughout the republic to limit any damage on his own behalf for his legacy. Website: http://www.alfonshö