Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson Achievements

The entertainment industry has been a hodgepodge of laws for decades. It’s no wonder people often don’t have the slightest clue about their legal rights. Enter Damien Granderson, one of the most influential entertainment lawyers in the United States who has made it his life mission to provide legal advice to people who might not know where else to find it. 


Music Industry


Damien Granderson is at the forefront of the music industry because he is one of the few entertainment lawyers who has been given a free hand by both the music industry and music artists to make changes in the law if and when they see fit (Twitter).


Damien Granderson is a well-respected entertainment lawyer who has gone on to represent some of the top musicians in the world. He has worked with many successful artists, including Christina Aguilera and Pink. Damien has been the lead attorney in numerous legal matters, including trademark disputes, contract disputes, and defamation suits. He has also represented some of the biggest stars in the world, such as Tom Cruise. Granderson has formed his own company, Grand Electric Music Group, with his former musician mentor.




Led by Damien Granderson, the company is one of the country’s most well-respected entertainment law firms, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville. Its lawyers specialize in music and entertainment law, intellectual property disputes, and litigation. Granderson has been called “a leading entertainment lawyer” as well as a “peerless player” by trade magazines such as Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. He has had featured appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and Access Hollywood.