Former cheif economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy believes that not all education is equal.

Words such as learning and training are common when it comes to the financial industry. However, not all education is equal, so Online Trading Academy (OTA) sought help from financial expert Dr Jeffery H Harris. He took time to review OTA’s coursework, the trading platform is known as CliK, and attended several virtual classes.

Dr Jeffery’s passion is to make financial education easily accessible to everyone in the public finance markets. Unfortunately, the majority of people never get access to education. He shares a common goal with OTA, which is to extend financial education to a huge population.

According to Dr Harris, the educational material offered at OTA matches up to undergraduate level investment courses. Generally, OTA’s curriculum has excellent learning techniques that guarantee students lifelong opportunities in the trading industry. Additionally, students who receive training from OTA gain confidence in investing and trading.

In education, practical application is what helps students progress in a certain field. Practical exposure to the trading field through the all in one trading platform CliK helps students learn how to deal with complex situations. The platform is exquisite because it is user-centric and follows the necessary steps to manage risks. Additionally, the platform enables users to practice discipline while they trade.

Online Trading Academy is a well-known academic institution that helps students build skills and proficiency to trade and invest in the financial markets. Based on the traders’ long or short-term goals, OTA teaches traders strategies that will help them make smarter decisions. OTA has interactive classrooms and online sessions led by knowledgeable instructors. The coursework accommodates both experienced and novice traders with the common goal of wanting to learn. Twenty-four years ago, OTA was founded in Irvine, CA. Currently, it has expanded to more than 40 centres across the world, with over 80,000 students gaining access to lifelong education.

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