The Investments of Abdulla Al Humaidi through Kuwait European Holding Group

Abdulla Al Humaidi is the founder and CEO of Kuwait European Holding Group (KEH), which has several subsidiary companies. He formed the company in 2008, aiming to cause positive disruption in finance, healthcare and leisure. Abdulla Al Humaidi runs businesses across Europe and the Middle East. Before establishing KEH, Abdulla Al Humaidi went to Ireland, where he attended the Royal College of Surgeons. He graduated with a general medicine degree after his seven years of study. 


His wealthy family background and drive to be an entrepreneur meant that he switched to business instead of practicing medicine, opening Kuwaiti European Holding. Its main offices are in different regions such as Kuwait, Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong and Cairo. Under the leadership of Abdulla Al Humaidi, KEH bases its investments on a project’s viability, first determining whether it’s possible to pay back its investors and positively impact the community around. The London Resort is one of Abdulla Al Humaidi’s investments with KEH. 

With its attractive location close to River Thames, it’s a viable investment for KEH, which sees it as a transformative project for all stakeholders. For instance, the public around the resort recently showered their unrivaled support for its activities, such as employment opportunities for locals. Ebbsfleet United Football Club is another subsidiary company for KEH. For over seven years, Abdulla Al Humaidi has been with this team, experiencing massive growth during this time, such as stadium improvements. Among other companies, KEH is the holding company for Armila Capital, which provides interesting finance solutions to interested clients. For instance, the team recommends real estate investments and offers advisory services on corporate finance issues.