ZeroAvia Achieves Major Test Milestone of New Hydrogen Aviation Engine

Green aviation company ZeroAvia recently pulled off a successful test of its new hydrogen-powered engine by demonstrating that it can pull a 15-ton truck across a tarmac. No greenhouse gases were emitted in the process. Using a propeller mounted above the cab of the truck, the vehicle was pulled forward under the power of a 600kW powertrain that will eventually serve as the engine for a 19-seat airplane. The powertrain is fueled by “100% green hydrogen” supplied by Octopus Energy.




ZeroAvia aviation company was successfully founded in 2015. It has already made strides in achieving the goal of carbon-free and greenhouse gas emission-free flight. It recently successfully tested a 6-seat Piper Malibu fitted with a 250-kW powertrain. The ZeroAvia flight took place at Cranfield, U.K., in 2020 and lasted eight minutes. The 19-seat craft under development is dubbed the HyFlyer II. It recently received a boost in the form of $16.3 million in backing from the British government’s “Jet Zero” initiative. The goal of the effort is to transform aviation into a pollution-free and carbon neutral industry. The United Nations has set a global goal of an overall carbon-neutral world by the year 2050.

ZeroAvia is also collaborating with the European Marine Energy Centre and Aeristech, an aerospace tech company based in Warwick. Plans call for the 19-seat HyFlyer II to achieve a 350-mile flight by the year 2023. That is also the time when it can become a passenger-ready and commercially viable option. By the year 2026, the aviation company hopes to have an 80-seat aircraft with a range of 500 miles. ZeroAvia maintains its headquarters in both the U.K. and the United States. Its American base is located in Hollister, California. It was founded by Valery Miftakhov who is also the current CEO. It is significant to note that, if successful, ZeroAvia airplanes will reduce the need for expensive battery systems.