Bhanu Choudhrie on Constituting a Better Approach to Economy Recovery after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Bhanu Choudhrie created AAG, a company that offers simulator training for airline pilots. The airline industry does not respond to change quickly, but the crisis has made the sector adjust as quickly as possible. AAG leads in innovation, not forgetting a renewed strategy to advanced pilot training. Bhanu Choudhrie initiated Alpha Aviation Group in 2006 to discover more effective strategies of equipping pilots to fly the budget airlines.

The airlines are deprived of the financial resources needed to develop detailed training sessions, forcing them to outsource from institutions like AAG. Alpha Aviation Group provides MPL once regulators ascertained, and it also uses simulators unlike conventional training to lower the training hours from 230 to 70.

The resultant training time reduction enables AAG to accomplish the demands of airlines by equipping their pilots based on the increasing fleet sizes. This accelerated system means that training can only happen in just a year, unlike the previous traditional format. The more reduced is simulator time, the lower the training charges incurred. AAG’s training strategy upgrades security extents for the latest pilots. Bhanu Choudhrie claims that the past programs use small planes for training to equip the pilots with some fundamental concepts before moving on to the larger ones. Alpha Aviation Group enables pilots to gain experience using the passenger jets that they will be working with after the training. This strategy is beneficial because aircraft are becoming more advanced.

A more compacted MPL program needed Alpha Aviation to stake more resources into flight simulators. Currently, the firm has 11 simulators, whereby Airbus in Philippines is the latest. Bhanu Choudhrie confirmed that the training company has addressed some 1,700 trainers in Asia, and others in UAE. AAG has cadets across 40 nations with others expected to fill the various programs. This company has also transformed the training business, and more improvements are expected in the future.

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