Royal Holiday Persevering Post-Pandemic

Despite the economic impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic, hotelier Royal Holiday, is moving forward with investment of over $400 million in 4 brand new hotels in the Caribbean. These hotels will be located in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Within Mexico, the hotels are planned to open in Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Maya region.

Royal Holiday Group currently operates 16 hotels located in Mexico, United States, and Puerto Rico. These new additions to their portfolio are set to open in 2022. The president of the company, Pablo González Carbonell, has stated that this is the expected time for the economies of the world to have recovered slightly from the Coronavirus pandemic and for vacation travel to pick back up to previous levels.

The new hotels will be included in the company’s so-call, Vacation Club. The club allows for members to pay throughout the year for the right to vacation at over 200 worldwide destinations. This appears to be a new trend in the travel industry and is seen as a successor to the timeshare industry. Pablo González Carbonell has instituted this feature with great success.

Pablo González Carbonell founded Royal Holiday and has been in business for over four decades. He began his career with Bufete Inmobiliario, which was a company that sold and developed urban land and other commercial properties. After a successful stint with Bufete, González Carbonell set his sights on the tourism industry. He formed Costamex Group which promotes the Royal Holiday brand. Along with his business successes, González Carbonell sits or has sat on many tourism councils including the National Tourism Business Council and the Mexican Association of Tourism Developers where he was President. He has establish himself as an influential thought leader in the tourism industry and looks set to lead the field for years to come.