Zilch Highlights the Best Buy Now Pay Later Food Options in the UK

Zilch Provides It’s Top 15 Buy Now Pay Later Dining Recommendations

On September 28, 2021, Zilch, a financial institution that allows people to make upfront purchases that they can pay later via installment payments, posted an eight-minute blog post about 15 top luxury dining experiences in the United Kingdom that its customers can buy now and pay for later. As the company noted, it wanted customers to “treat” their taste buds with a variety of unique meals.

The buy now pay later food recommendations ranged from bistros and underground clubs to establishments located within historic castles. Zilch started the buy now pay later food list by pointing out that the Thornsburgy Castle Hotel, a location where Henry Tudor honeymooned and even beheaded a past owner, offered its dining experience in the dungeon. Other historic sites on the list included a stationary 1960’s Victoria line train and the running Belmond British Pullman train. The list also included the famous Nottingham Kitty Café that offers more than 200 unique teas and the company of many stray cats looking for forever homes.

One of the more unique buy now pay later food venues recommended by Zilch was the Northumberland Treetop Restaurant where visitors can eat among the treetops and explore the area from aboveground via rope bridges. The company also discussed “immersive” venues where diners are thrust into interesting experiences or exciting stories.

People who like murder mysteries can hop on board the Murder Express train. Ocean enthusiasts can experience the deep blue sea at the Two Rivers Restaurant in the Endless Oceans Gallery at The Deep that features more than 3,500 fish. Theatre lover foodies can enjoy both their passions at the Bristol Food and Theatre Company. There’s even a restaurant, the Dans Le Noir, that serves all dishes entirely in the dark for people who want to experience both sensory deprivation and taste and smell enhancement.