What Vijay Eswaran Believes are the Pillars of Leadership

According to Vijay Eswaran, leadership is more than a title. You can only become a leader if your actions dictate so. Some people can transform others’ lives through their words, actions and wisdom. Most of the world’s renowned leaders did not have any particular title or position in the government. They had a passion for touching and changing other people’s lives, which inspired people to follow them.

The following are the characteristics that a leader should have. And although some people are born with them, others may take time before learning and applying them.

  1. Leaders Own Their Actions

Many individuals never care about changing their lives. They remain with the same lives and responsibilities, which makes them not recognize their abilities. Other people seek challenging avenues that enable them to become better people and improve their environment. The two groups of people can never be the same. Good leaders are responsible for their actions and lives.

Other people or circumstances do not define their lives. They make decisions because they want to and not from influence from others. Vijay Eswaran also believes that good leaders should know how to delegate. Most leaders make the mistake of handling everything instead of delegating some things. That makes them abandon their responsibilities. Assigning some duties helps produce a good outcome, even though someone else handled the task.

  1. Good Leaders Empower Others

Human beings love to belong to a particular class, community, culture, among other things. The need to belong comes as a longing to become part of something greater than we are. Therefore, when leaders empower other people, they increase their self-belief. Vijay Eswaran believes that self-belief builds the bridge from our current position to where we need to be. A good leader understands how to empower others to become more confident.

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