Abdulla Al Humaidi and His Strategic Investments

Abdulla Al Humaidi was a man studying medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons for a few years, eventually deciding to quit and run his own business instead. But it turned out for the best since he became the most successful investor and entrepreneur. In 2008, the businessman and entrepreneur Abdulla Al Humaidi made that dream come true with Kuwaiti European Holding Company. Equally, one of the most successful investment firms. 


Successful investor Abdulla Al Humaidi has led the company to grow across the world. For over a decade, this company has been known as a group of businesses involved in the financial, healthcare, and leisure industries. All of the businesses created for Kuwaiti European Holding Company were made from market trends, assuring those holding shares that they will be making their money back.


For example, a Kuwaiti European Holding Company investment firm just recently announced in a press conference about The London Resort in 2012. This large resort is planned to have different themed lands, many of them containing their restaurants, hotels and shops. As Abdulla Al Humaidi explains, the resort also has a waterpark to help maximize attendance during the summer. Abdulla Al Humaidi and the other leadership at Kuwaiti European Holding Company have been continuing to scope out large cities like London for their next products. 

Regardless of the pandemic, they believe that visitors are going to be looking to flock to large cities for leisure opportunities. Kuwaiti European Holding has even started investing in professional sporting clubs in England, like the Ebbsfleet United Football Club.  In other areas of the globe, Abdulla Al Humaidi has also created his niche. He has ensured that KEH continues to raise its flag high by establishing Kuwait’s AL-Fouz investment company.