Tim Murawski and Augmedics: Cutting Edge Tools for Surgery

Tim Murawski joined Augmedics in June of 2019. He serves as President and Chief Commercial Officer for the company. He boasts an extensive career of management roles for companies specializing in medical devices. Led by Tim Murawski, it is located in Chicago, Illinois, Augmedics developed a device to make use of augmented reality in relation to spinal surgery.


Tim attended Western Illinois University where he earned a degree in operations management and supervision. After school, his career began in the purchasing department of a chemical company. He soon transitioned to Baxter International as a sales manager in 1996, advancing to the post of regional sales manager by 1998. Tim Murawski later worked for Hansen Medical out of Mountain View, California, before eventually finding his way to Augmedics.


The company’s xvision Spine system uses augmented reality to aid surgeons during surgery. It gives surgeons a view of the patient that works as if they can see inside the body. This helps the surgeon stay focused on the patient, rather than having to look back and forth from the patient to a separate screen (Doyoubuzz).


Healthcare expert Tim Murawski has worked with robotics companies for most of his career. This experience plays a big part in helping Augmedics medical research firm reach the goal of making xvision affordable and accessible to as many surgeons and surgery centers as possible. Tim Murawski also regularly publishes articles about medical devices and equipment. He is not only knowledgeable in his field, but he also makes his knowledge easily understood by readers. In this way, he works to educate others about advancements in medical technology to help them improve their lives.