Trey Branham Interview Review

Braham graduated from Florida University with a B.S. in Political Science and later joined the South Carolina University law school, where he graduated with his J.D. Trey Braham also served as an associate articles editor while in the law school. He spent time working in larger law firms which made him realize that he did not want to be representing the corporates; instead, he wanted to be doing the opposite. 

Career Idea

The Dean Omar Branham Shirley team had similar interests which brought them together. They all work towards representing the needs of their clients by ensuring that they give them a voice. The team ensures that they are helping the people in their lowest moments when they have been badly hurt, and they need to be represented against some big corporations. 

Trey Branham explained that the team’s success has been due to hard work in ensuring the clients’ voices are heard. He further explains that to bring their ideas to life they all have to collaborate because all team members brings something unique to the table, and there is always a thing or two to learn from them. According to Trey Branham, this has resulted in their great success as a team. 

Daily Activities and Productivity

Trey Branham explains that his day starts early enough and ends by five in the evening. He adds that when he is in the courtroom, his day will end later than when he is just in the office working on strategy developments and discussions. Trey Branham attaches his productivity to his love for what he does.