Bhanu Choudhrie Founded Air Deccan In 2003

Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie founded Alpha Aviation Group in 2005, catapulting the commercial airline industry in the East. AAG is a subsidiary of C&C Alpha Group, Choudhrie’s venture capital investment firm. Working with airlines worldwide, Alpha Aviation Group, assesses and selects cadets, carefully placing them with partner airlines. AAG offers industry-leading training optimized its airline partners. Alpha Aviation Group, assesses and selects cadets, carefully placing them with partner airlines.

In addition to cadet training, he emphasizes the importance of adaptability in the airline industry. Alpha Aviation is based in UAE and the Philippines, having successfully trained 2000 pilots. Their cadet training utilizes many advanced techniques, including the use of AI to analyze flight routes and other critical factors.

Thorough cadet training ensures safety for airlines, pilots, and passengers. Bhanu Choudhrie founded Air Deccan in 2003, a smaller budget airline, starting with just one commercial airplane and growing the company to up to 200 flights per day.

Air Deccan played a major role in increasing flight popularity amongst passengers in India. While directing Air Deccan Bhanu Choudhrie realized a need for more pilot flight training in Asia. AAG was able to tap into the incredible opportunity to fly to more remote locations often avoided by larger airlines. Refer to this article to learn more.

Conventionally, pilot training programs could take 64-74 weeks to complete. AAG became one of the pioneers for the Multi-Crew Licensing program in 2006. With MCL, cadets undergo accelerated training to become licensed for specific aircraft. The use of flight simulators greatly contributed to the efficiency of the program. Bhanu Choudhrie leads his investment firm, C&C Alpha Group, with focus on the principles of hard work and leadership.

He has made investments into promising startups, as well as provided mentorship to company leaders. C&C identifies business opportunity worldwide and exercises patience in waiting for returns. His business savvy investments has made Choudhrie a prominent leader in the flight industry worldwide.

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