Peter Briger: Using a Single Strategy to Archive Multiple Goals

Registering a company in the stock market to gain capital for expanding the operations of the company is a simple process as seen on the papers but in the practical bit of it, it is an experience that many financial analysts would not want to repeat. Many have done the same and failed to accomplish their intended goals. However, Peter Briger, the financial analyst at Fortress Investment Group registered a company and achieved his intended objectives.

The aim of registering Fortress Investment Group in the NYSE was to gain sufficient capital that would help the company to modernize its operations so that it could outperform other companies in the industry. Upon listing the company for IPO, the response was positive, and the shares of the company were oversubscribed, something that had not happened to any company that was pioneering in the money market for its industry.

The company was able to get a sufficient amount of money as Peter Briger had anticipated upon which all the funds were allocated to meet various needs of the company. One of the critical needs was to modernize and expand the operations of the company. This was done by acquiring modern tools and equipment, some of which helped in upgrading the outstanding customer service department. The company was also able to recruit the required number of staff members to run the company and meet the needs of the customers as expected. Surprisingly, the move that was geared towards helping the company to gain resources for modernization and expansion helped in bringing other benefits to the company. Peter Briger’s strategy helped in attracting a huge number of customers to invest in the company which made it have a large customer base. The move also played a crucial role in marketing and creating awareness about Fortress Investment Group as the premier asset manager in the industry.

The recent move that has raised a lot of controversies is the one that Fortress Investment Group decided to be purchased by SoftBank. The move was brilliant but has been criticized by many people out of ignorance. Peter Briger, however, still promises the investors of its viability.