PosiGen: Pushing Humanity in the Right Direction

PosiGen is a forward-thinking solar organization with a simple motto: bring solar solutions to individuals across the globe, regardless of their economic position in society. In past years, solar panels energy solutions were deemed a “nice-to-have” accessory reserved for households with disposable income. PosiGen’s approach is to provide reliable, effective and efficient solar panels for families who know the value of a dollar.


Moreover, PosiGen believes that, when solar solutions are readily available and affordable on a limited budget, families are willing to make the switch from traditional energy services. Moreover, showcasing the monthly, quarterly and annual savings that accumulate while using solar energy gives families a means of putting money back into their pockets.


PosiGen’s Commitment to Families Across the Nation


An additional strategy PosiGen uses to help families is by providing energy audits on their residences. Many homeowners are shocked when they realize they’re losing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year via leaks, cracks, broken seals or poor ventilation. PosiGen works with clients to address these issues and demonstrate how solar solutions could free up additional revenue each month.


Commitment to Excellence

PosiGen’s creation came at the tail-end of a catastrophic event that affected thousands of lives: Hurricane Katrina. Wanting to extend a helping hand to those in need, the solar power company set out on a mission to help families by giving them the amenities and energy services required to improve their quality of life. More specifically, at PosiGen, they wanted to provide families living in impoverished conditions a means of improving their living situation and thriving in the face of economic adversity.