The Unmatched Leadership Skills of Vik Bansal

The Australian steel recycling and manufacturing company, InfraBuild, has recently announced its half-year financial outcome and has improved across all financial metrics. The company’s CEO and managing director, Vik Bansal, states that as they progress further to be more significant, they will continue to improve in their safety performance because the volumes have become more robust with growth across all segments. The 2022 half-year revenue was up by 41 percent, which translates to $AUD 2.94 billion compared to 2021, the same period with a total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) of 24 percent improvement.

The numbers indicate that Vik Bansal has made a strong impact at Vik Bansal InfraBuild within the short period he has been the company’s CEO. Bansal joined the company in July 2021 from Cleanaway, the largest Australia waste management company, after leading them for approximately six years and oversaw a noticeable growth of the company. Over the past decades, Vik across Australia, Asia, and the United States has held many executive positions, including the three years at OneSteel as the general manager. At One Steel (now InfraBuild), Bansal is responsible for the steel distribution and metal procession.

Vik Bansal has developed a business philosophy over the years that profits and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive. The philosophy being used at the InfraBuild company, there have been initiatives put in place to reduce its carbon footprint. These initiatives include two research projects jointly done with the University of Wollongong’s Steel Research Hub and Swinburne University looking into the Industry 4.0 technologies implementation within the manufacturing processes of InfraBuild.

Bansal is a well-known business executive. Additional to his corporate work, throughout his career, he has been a non-executive board member in several companies, including the Australian Steel Institute, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

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