Traits that an Accountant should have According to John Savignano

John Savignano is the owner and CEO of the Savignano Accountants and advisory company. He has been offering his accounting and advisory services for over 25 years. He works closely with his clients to ensure that all accounting problems are solved.

John Savignano served in various international accounting companies in management positions and gained leadership skills. He has used his accounting knowledge and experience to help businesses make profitable decisions. He also educates people who are interested in accounting.

Here are some of the traits that an accountant should possess, according to John Savignano;

  1. Should be Social with People

A good accountant should connect with people; many clients are more concerned about how their businesses are financially in terms of profits and expenditures.

  1. Pays Attention to Detail

In accounting and finance, small errors such as decimal points can lead to major accuracy mistakes. An accountant should be very keen and detail-oriented in his work field.

  1. Likes Learning New Things

An accountant should be open-minded to learn about new things in his accounting practice, and they can cross-examine from business to finance.

  1. Should be an Analytical Thinker

Analytical thinking is important in solving problems; in accounting, one should broadly see things to offer the best services.

  1. Should have a Strong Work Ethic

Building success in the accounting field, a good work ethic is needed.

  1. Should have Good Communication Skills

An accountant should communicate effectively to avoid misunderstanding the figures.

  1. Loves the Industry

An accountant should love what they do, whether self-employed or employed. When they love what they do, they can move into different industries swiftly.

  1. Brings a Passion for Organization

Accountants must be well organized in what they do, such as keeping detailed records for the organization.

  1. Is Passionate About Math

Math is a major requirement in CPA; accountants work daily with math and should be more passionate about it.