Marwan Kheireddine and Youth Empowerment in Lebanon

Who is Marwan Kheireddine

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese entrepreneur that aims to empower the youth of Lebanon. He said that the business leaders he has helped have gone on to take charge of prominent companies and create positive change in the country.

Kheireddine says it’s been very satisfying to receive positive feedback. He served on the board of trustees of AUB Business School and was also a member of the board of trustees of the American Community School Beirut. All three boards helped shape the curriculum and offered him insight into how Lebanon supports entrepreneurship. Read more here:

Investing in the Youth

With the business leader’s support, he helps give back to the nation through investing in startups that drive the Lebanese economy with young entrepreneurs. Under Circular 331, Kheireddine helped develop the initiative and supported to help bring new ideas and successes to the greater community in Lebanon. He launched the first Virgin Megastore in Lebanon in 2001, creating more jobs for local youth. With Richard Branson his work contributed to the growth of new economics.

The Marwan Kheireddine started a foundation in 2006 as a way to help rebuild lives for refugee families. The Foundation provides housing, food, education, health care, and other essential services. Since its inception, the Marwan Kheireddine Foundation has helped more than 6,000 families return to their homes in Lebanon. In addition, it has supported programs that help refugee children get an education and find jobs.

Kheireddine is a driving force behind the Lebanese Startup Association, which aims to promote entrepreneurship throughout the country. He has also been recognized for his work by the United States Department of State and the Lebanese government. With his commitment to developing young leaders and building a thriving Lebanese economy, Kheireddine is setting the standard for success in this country.