Is Portugal A Great Place For Entrepreneurs?

Portugal has become one of the main countries for investors worldwide, especially those venturing into real estate. This is because of the low cost of living, good climate, safety, government stability, and extraordinary natural beauty.

The government and business people also made the country’s business environment conducive to supporting economic growth after the 2007-2008 recession.

Lisbon, the country’s capital, ranks third on the list of the most attractive cities for expatriate business people. It has a big English-speaking workforce, good internet connections, and co-working hubs. Lisbon is among the best top ten European cities for real estate investment. This, according to Luis Horta e Costa is no surprise. Luis is a Square View co-founder, a Portugal-based real estate property development company. He is also a real estate plus startup expert.

He says that the new Portuguese citizens plus natives venturing into real estate in the country are looking for something unique in home and property designs. Luis Horta e Costa says that because of their character and beliefs, Portuguese real estate developers have always strived to create something different from the rest of the world.

The Portuguese government has opened up the country for more real estate investing through their Golden Visa Program. This gives investors quick European residency via real estate investments. They also have Startup and Tech visas that allow entrepreneurs, short-term employees, and freelancers to get into the country while working on getting a residency if they want one.

The tech visa is usually for tech companies that are already in the global market and can attract tech workers into the country. It also ensures that qualified employees foreign to the EU can access jobs in different Portuguese companies. On the other hand, the startup visa encourages new talent and investment in the country by giving entrepreneurial immigrants a residence permit or residence visa. Entrepreneurs also enjoy incentives and benefits through the Startup Portugal Program.