Haroldo Jacobovicz: passionate entrepreneur and founder of the Horizons group

The telecom horizon is now one of Brazil’s most respected telecommunications suppliers that uses a 100% fiber network, sophisticated equipment, and multi-coin stability. In 2020, the horizons data center launched a new face of cloud connectivity. Its mission was to improve how organizations and businesses connect.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a passionate entrepreneur and founder of the Horizons group, data center, and e-Governe. Each company serves essential functions that provide problem-solving options for information technology, uniting talents, and strategic planning. According to Haroldo, the path to his career is a winding route.

Haroldo worked in an industry driven by analytic data, and while there, he also naturally saw himself as an intuitive person and praised his path as an innovator. ” I only saw the potential, “he told the interviewer on the Inside. His intuition took him to pursue an orthodox decision in Brazil, where he braved an investment with the first Hard Rock Café in 2013. He later took a direct role after the predecessors of the investor group withdrew from what they had planned and worked to employ the team and get a business founded. He later sold it in 2018.

Most of Haroldo’s business focuses on providing business information technology solutions. Jacobovicz enjoyed developing innovative solutions for various challenges. He said he got the most satisfaction from seeing how his business solutions improve people’s daily lives. Haroldo Jacobovicz was born and raised in Brazil, where his parents worked as civil engineers.

Watching threatened lasting physical structures made him who he is today and acted as an inspiration. His mother, the only female civil engineer at the time, was a pioneer and a mother to Haroldo Jacobovicz and his siblings simultaneously. Following his parents’ footsteps, Jacobovicz had an idea to create something with eternal value outside the building and bridge. His inspiration came from his parents to take creativity, work ethic, and problem-solving skills and use them in their business.