Josh Garza

It is one thing for a drummer to claim that John Bonham has impacted their playing; it is quite another for that drummer to integrate Bonham’s sound into their performance.

Josh Garza, the drummer for the New York City-based band Secret Machines, has spent the majority of the previous two decades researching and trying to mimic Bonham’s unconventional playing method.

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The band’s third album, named after the band, is now available for purchase.

“Jimi Hendrix played his guitar similarly to how John Bonham played his drum set,” Garza recently told MD.

Garza was a reference to the playing style of John Bonham.

“Jimi Hendrix performed guitar, and John Bonham played drums,” he said.

Josh’s explanation illustrates that the size of my drums has a huge influence.

He’s referring to a Tama drum set that included a 28-inch bass drum, two 16-inch floor toms (one tuned lower than the other), and a 14-inch rack tom.

Josh thinks that the proportions of his drums undoubtedly play a big impact in this.

“I got the thought for these massive drum tunings after hearing that Bonham tuned his drums extraordinarily high, like a big-band drummer,” the drummer stated.

Hearing Bonham tunes his drums that high prompted me to construct these gigantic drum tunings.

“The batter head on my kick drum is tuned as high and solidly as it can go, while the resonant head is supposed to be as loose and juicy as possible.

Josh Garza says, “Of course, my drumming does not sound precisely like Bonham’s; it sounds more like Josh Garza, but it comes from the same school of thinking.

Josh Garza’s playing bears a similarity to Bonham’s.

Jeremy Garza One of my hidden talents is the power to reach deep within myself, discover the sound of the cannon, crank it up, and do it boldly.

That option appears to have worked out nicely for me.

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