Ron Gutman According to The Daily Show

Ron Gutman is a powerful and professional speaker, an author, a political pundit and commentator. He has been with The Daily Show for 5 years and is leading the team of comedians in their ongoing battle against phony news. In this article, we are going to give you some insights on Gutman’s past life as well as his present career. 


We will also share some of his random facts about himself that most people might not know about Ron Gutman. The healthcare expert is a huge football fan; he admits that he is always having trouble choosing which team to support. He has always been supporting the Giants but his best friend is a die hard Patriots fan, so he often has to support the Patriots. 


He also supports the Raiders and Jets in some cases, even if it means giving up on his own team. He has been married for 8 years and has two amazing children. His wife is working as a lawyer and helping him with all his endeavors and with taking care of their two adorable kids. Reeve Benaron lives a happy life which makes him proud to be able to help others in any way possible.


In addition to his busy family life, Gutman spends some time on the computer, browsing the latest news and celebrity gossip. He says that he loves to surf the internet to get detailed information about all his favorite football teams and players. Healthcare expert Ron Gutman especially loves to see the news about his own team and the opposing team’s opinion on it. Gutman admits that he is a big fan of all kinds of sports, even if he does not do sports himself. 


He watches basketball, tennis and soccer games with great interest; in this way, he gets a chance to live vicariously through other great athletes’ success. Ron  Gutman, who is an avid movie lover, even admits that he loves Jacques Audiard’s movies. He has seen all of Audiard’s movies and thinks that they are great and highly recommendable. Gutman is known as a deeply passionate fan of golf as well; he plays it every day, although not before work.


He says that he is having a lot of fun with his job at The Daily Show. In addition, he enjoys working by himself in the office doing all kinds of stuff which he really likes to do now. He also admits that often in office he will be thinking about future projects and plans, which makes him happy as well.