Marketing Expert, Carlos Beirao da Veiga

Carlos Beirao da Veiga, a successful and progressive marketing executive was born on 17th July 1986. It’s easy to understand where de Veiga acquired his business knowledge, given that he is currently recognized as a leading marketing expert. He has built a strong reputation and a profession that remains a dream for many people. Veiga was born to a senior advertising manager who worked for a prominent company manufacturing soft drinks in Portugal. Ana, his mum, taught commerce. Veiga’s parents valued education and supported him to achieve outstanding performance. Besides, Veiga’s parents helped him to pursue his varied interests.

Veiga stood out in school at a young age due to his exemplary performance. Beirao da Viega was also a brilliant soccer player who excelled on the pitch. He participated in the sport from primary school through college. After he cleared high school, Carlos Beirao da Veiga moved to California for further studies. He enrolled at UCLA to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. During his further studies at UCLA, Veiga realized the importance of connectivity. He learned that the ties he created would add value to his life.

Immediately after he graduated from UCLA, Veiga joined a major news company right. At this moment, he developed an interest in Advertising and desired to pursue a master’s program in this field. The internship provided equipped Veiga with important skills and knowledge. Beirao da Veiga has become an expert in this field and he is consulted by many people facing marketing challenges. Carlos Beirao da Veiga is still regarded as a reliable authority in the sector because of his knowledge of the subject. He founded Da Veiga Consulting, a company specializing in traditional, digital, and social media advertising. He collaborates with customers from many different countries and businesses.

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